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blur grunge 00
crisp and colorful 00
full control 01
full control 00
grange painting 000
ststue of liberty
beautiful antique image and framel
rotten wood with rusty metal frame
indian chapel
master painter 02
yesterday 00
yesterday is gone
dream 00
dream in peace
dreams in watercolor
flat paint 00
beauty in red
textured in red
on the wall
ghost 02
ghost 02
ghost 03
ghost 04
cracking to nothing
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
specal lite grunge
colorful skectch
wonderful land
best overall grunge
best overall grunge 2
section of grunge
colorful grunge
colorful horror grunge
off centered grunge
off centered grunge cracking
wwanted poster grunge
old distorted grange
grunge at an angel
grunge with blue accent
other worlds
old is beautiful
protect the honored
protect the horoned 02
extremely old b & w
extremely old b & w 2
extremely old color
extremely old color 3
hdr 2013
grunge oldest sign
glowing beauty
dirty old grunge
crap hit the fan
control the cracking & flaking
a touch of sepia tone
hdr painting
the taste of honey
sharp hdr
modern art
mixture of old and new
accent beauity
accent beauty 01
almost distroyed
brown stain wiith water damages
stained grunge image
clear hdr colorful
color it simply
old but good
age an image with respect
recover faded photo
color ink print on paper
color ink print on paper bag
grunge with respect
as time goes bye
unprotected photo
grunge in 3d
grunge in 3d too
grunge in 3d also
torn exactly
fault lines
grunge and dirty
nice texture
runge - 17 images
nasty grunge
grunge loving it
cartoon like image
high contrast image
casting shadows *****
so very long ago
am i dreaming
best hdr 00001
how old is this
great ink stamp
hdr b&w high contrasr
back in time 00
rustic times 00
rustic times 01
how old is old 00
old as grandmaw 00
old as grandmaw 01
crofton best watercolor 2014
croftonwatercolor on white mat 00
grunge impression 01
grunge art 00
ancient image 00
pen & ink drawing on paper towel
washed out image on plaster
antique sign 00
vivid antique
weathered antique images
dirty old framed
placemate quality b&w
high contrast hdr
double image red
oldy but goody - very old
oldy but goody b&w
oldie but goody
honey on toast
go easy on the paint
unbelievable art 00
b&w choice of masters
hdr life like
mystery images 00
beautiful framed image
beautiful framed image 2
nice hdr
*** special effect 02
*** special effect 01
favorite antique pen and ink
older than antique
comic sketch
a horse of a different color
center of image
bright colors drawing
jurkie fried chicken
hdr grunge great
a nice aged effect
a nice vintage effect
old before your age
high contrast b&w
beaten all to heck
the magic touch
splater paint
embossed in metal
image over text
antique image over text
great for antiquing
high contrast sketch
way of texture
back in time
way of colors
deterioration of edges
rip and torn
colorful image
hdr 3d image
a superdave frame 00
a superdave frame 01
favorite frame 00
artist sketch 01
time travel 00
vivid hdr 00
test of adding background effect 00
use after sketching 00
use after sketching 00
extremely high contrast 00
nice effect 000
yo mama
antique effect realistic
dirty old grunge
dreamland 01
comic book 01
wrong road to loveland 00
40 miles of bad road
dream in color
grunge with class
grunge with class 01
color with dotted b&w
do retouch me 00
paint it old
just what i needed
pastel wet
double effects 00
zero in on the subject
old and grunge 00
i love black & white 00
how sweet it is
today will fade away tomorrow
antique vinette
ghostly image
antique papers etc
hdr vivid color with magic 00
flaking memories
another peeling artwork
old age is beautiful
high contrart heavy colors
nice antique effect
wonderful antique effect 00
wonderful antique effect 01
the aging of time
three identical images
photo on top of a blurred photo
great looking peeling paint effect
brightly colors
in dreams
hdr art
old foogies never die they just smell that way
aggressive art
aggressive art too
how old do you think i am
so fine
an old tin sign
so ugly that it's beautiful
something old
too old to
you may like this
focus in one subject with color
focus in one subject with color 01
rip it up
rip that too
washed out paint
old splatter two
gritty vignette
adjust master fade for grunge control
digital paint splatter
antique paper
mixture of color and b&w
double mixture of color and b&w
oldest image on earth
aged art framed
paper napkin art b&w
seems like only yesterday
weathered design sepia tone three
paint textured
framed paint textured
old distressed
wounded warrior
out of tnis world
aging pro
grunge -this is grunge
old print of an image
beauty and softness
vintage on paper with vignette
antique peeling paint
zero in on the subject
a touch of honey
goodlooking framed image 00
grungy old image
lite sketch 00
high contrast
what happened to you effect 00
control the views eyes
antique faded image 00
dream of me 00
extremely nice peeling paint
you wanted old - you got old
you wanted old - you got old
yester year 00
grunge effect 01
grunge - five chickens and one duck
jump back in time
rusty image
old cream and black
grunge nice
texan super hdr 00
hand sketched 00
viintage sketch 00
nice pastel drawing
nice pastel drawing 2
nice display of image
final touch for photo to drawing
ugliness is beautiful
dirty picture
lite faded grunge
old is beautiful
old and rusty
oldest graphic every created 00
antique image with over spray
fine tune image
rusty what the heck
message on wood
antique framed
crofton hdr 0001
weathered and flaking
how old do you want it 00
beautiful peel and chippimg 00
antique peeling and flaking 00
modernart 00
textured 00
the ugly truth
the ugly truth too
ugliness runs in my family
ugliness runs in my family too
old and flaking
branding iron on wood
special design 00
simply nice 00
etching 000
etching 00
etching 02
old and beautiful 00
old and beautiful 000
photograph - old and weathered 00
dream 00
dream 01
zero in 00
spooky- spooky 00
spooky- spooky two
spooky- spooky three
spooky- spooky four
ugly grunge
mystery portrait 00
old but good 00
eagle on plaque
the third dimension
very old cracking paint 00
old frame
rust srains 00
metal sign 00
old and crumbly 00
peace 00
hdr on wood 00
sign faded 00
sign of the time 00
stacked 00
show it 00
hard days work 00
antique 0000
fine art 00
remains 00
enrichment 0a
memories 00
grunge 001
behold 00
custom 00
western gold 00
vector -001
message un wall