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Save then return to try a different treatment

Postby ShariBlackVelvet » Fri Nov 21, 2014 1:00 am


I've had a go at area treatment, replacing the background in a photo with a different background. But when I find one I like and want to save it, is there then a way to go back to try another without having to start all over again and select the background area? It sometimes takes me ages to colour in all the background area and I want to save large versions of the photo with different backgrounds without having to start all over. But I can't work out how to get back to where you select a background again quickly after having saved a photo without having to start all over again. Can we do this?

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Re: Save then return to try a different treatment

Postby eadams » Fri Nov 21, 2014 8:35 am

Hi ShariBlackVelvet,

Yes, it is possible to re-use an area you have defined.

Define your background area using the "Select Area" functionality. Be sure to click on the "Select Area" icon and not the "Area Treatment" icon in the right-hand menu bar. After you have confirmed the selection and applied the first effect, every time you hover over the Effects Gallery icon, you are asked if you want to apply the next effect to the background area you already defined.

background area.JPG
background area.JPG (49.57 KiB) Viewed 2957 times

If you define multiple areas, all these areas are available to re-use.

To experiment, you can turn the visibility of any effect you have applied on and off by clicking on the eyeball icon that appears when you hover over the thumbnail of the applied effect. Another safe way is to save your session (File - Save as Session) after applying one of the effects. Then you can apply a different effect and save the session under a new name. That way you end up with different sessions of the same image, but each session has the same background area defined and it is easy to go down completely different roads of design with each session. I hope this helps.


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