How do I find more effects?

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How do I find more effects?

Postby admin » Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:07 pm

You can find effects by category. The categories are listed on the left under "Refine Your Search", or you can type in a category into the search box on the top right.

The software has a huge, growing, number of effects you can apply to your image, which are organized in pages. You can change pages either by:

Pressing the page buttons at the sides of the gallery,
By hovering over the text that says "Page x of y" in the top right corner you can quickly jump to any page. You may find some interesting effects buried deep down in later pages.

The first page shows the most relevant effects for your picture and the settings you have chosen and subsequent pages are less and less relevant.

You can also show all the effects a user has contributed by entering their user name into the search box in the top right of the gallery.

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