Got a problem? Start Here!

Any crashes, places where the software didn't work as you expected, please let us know here.
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Got a problem? Start Here!

Postby admin » Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:30 pm

Q: How do I get help with a problem?
A1: We have an FAQ answering common questions about setting up the software and what its capabilities are.
A2: If you have a question specific to your instalation or yourself, talk to our support staff via our ticket system. Click here to go to our support ticket system.
A3: Or if you have a question that other people would like to know the answer to, you can ask the question to our community by posting a message on these boards.

Q: How can I download the software again or find what licenses I have?
A: Our licenes page can show you what versions of the software you have bought and also give you download links to them.

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