Standardized user guidance / Usability

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Standardized user guidance / Usability

Postby fishmi » Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:15 pm

After working with the Smart Photo Editor for a few days now, I have to say that the results are really very convincing.
Especially the masking of objects is really excellent, mostly better than with Photoshop or Topaz Mask AI and both are really very good.
However, I often find the user guidance very difficult and incomprehensible, sometimes I do not even reach the goal. And in my opinion the GUI urgently needs modernization. Sliders with small triangles remind me of the early days of computers :-)
Altogether the user guidance does not correspond to the usual standards and the many help files only prove this claim. The help is of course very good and helpful, but often you get stuck in one place because you don't understand how to get the function you're looking for.
The provided functions are really excellent.
An example:
I mask an area, adjust sharpness and exposure for it, then choose a second area as background, where I subtract the first mask (but I only found it after I found the infomation here in the forum) and want to assign individual settings for various parameters to this area (analogous to the first mask). I just can't figure out how to do that, I only have the gallery at my disposal.
Another example: how do I delete masks that I don't need anymore, because new masks are created very fast (that's also confusing).
I also find it illogical that some settings are made directly, others only via the effect editor (which is really exciting, but too unusual to use).

So my feature request would be: simplifies the user interface. The interface would have to be designed as you are used to from many other photo programs (for example Topaz Photo Studio, Luminar, Lightroom, Exposure, DxO Lab).
I don't think that this would result in a loss of functionality. But I think that it will reach a larger group of users.

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