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Postby patto117 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:16 pm

Hi I'm wanting to print my images onto various forms. Some printers say minimum required image resolution of 200 dots per inch (dpi). For the best results, however, make sure your images are large enough to print at 300dpi or higher.

Colour space sRGB – 8 bit files only: no paths, layers or channels – flattened and saved with no compression. JPEG, saved as baseline standard–between 10 and 12 quality level.

Can you help me understand this?

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Re: Printing

Postby darrenp » Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:52 am

Hi there,

Where did you get that information from? It seems to be referring to both layered graphics (like PhotoShop files) and graphics formats like JPEG.


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