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mask problem

Postby emery1948 » Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:38 am

Hi there ,question for you ,when i try to fix a landscape photo with trees ,its very hard to hide the edge of the trees ,the top looks like ghost ,how to do this easy-er :( :( second question why do Smart Photo crash all the time??

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Re: mask problem

Postby admin » Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:53 am

Selecting trees is traditionally a tricky problem. However there are tools in SPE that help you do that. The most important trick to learn is how to use the shift key. The inside circle of the brush chooses colours and the outside one selects. With trees being sparse sometimes it's difficult to get the inside circle to be on a tree colour at the same time as the outside circle is on the branch you want to select. To do this, move your brush onto the tree, hold down shift to fix the inside circle, then you can select those colours anywhere in the image. With trees against sky it is often easier to select too much tree, then use the "Erase from Selection" brush (along with the shift key) to remove the sky. It's easier because sky is usually just a few colours. Once you've mastered these techniques, selecting trees or sky is usually pretty easy. There are some videos about selecting here.

As for why it crashes, are you using the most up to date, 64bit build? If you are, let me know if it still is unstable for you, and the kind of things you are doing when it crashes, so we can look into it.

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