Changelist SPE 1.13

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Changelist SPE 1.13

Postby admin » Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:33 pm

This version includes lots of minor bug fixes. It also has the following new features:

> You can now right click on most tabs and select Store or Publish, which takes you to the publishing pannel. From there you can share the change you made or save it for your use only. Anything that is saved in this way shows up immediately in the favourites menu, so you can use this feature to create presets for common text overlays, area treatments, image treatments etc.
> Save Jpeg/Tiff dialog now remembers: Jpeg compression setting, tiff compression setting and jpeg or tiff mode
> Overhall to publishing system. Loaded images can now be connected via a PlaceAndMerge or Scale operations, so composites can be easily published. Also any amount of filters can happen before the loaded picture is connected to the rest of the net and the filtering that happens is automatically baked in so it doesn't need to happen on the end user's machine. (This only happens with published effects)
> Improved memory performance when saving. Some images that would run out of memory when saving now work. For very big images, it will still run out of memory though.
> Made selecting areas easier: You can run the brush round the edge of the area you want to select, then click on the flood fill icon that appears, to fill in the middle. Flood fill icons appear in any area that you have bounded with the brush or the edge of the picture.
> You can now turn off all the different types of pop up windows in settings dialog
> Added Triptych to gallery
> Magnifying glass in search box can be clicked on to search.
> Added png support (transparent pngs not supported yet)
> Update to the way that gallery updates work. If you cancel an update, then it won't force an update to the gallery on next startup.
> text on straightening lines is hidden when in use

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