Changelist SPE 1.19

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Changelist SPE 1.19

Postby admin » Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:46 pm

Here's the changelist for version 1.19

> Ok and Cancel buttons added to the left panel. You can turn this on and off in the Advanced settings. Ok'ing a panel will hide that tab so you can see the photo bigger. Canceling a panel will undo all the changes you recently made.
> If you apply a tool from the tools on the right, but aren't looking at the last thing in the history, it asks you if you want to apply the tool to the end of the list or remove all subsequent changes. You can turn this on and off in the Advanced settings.
> For more complex erases: you can click the erase tool on the right while erasing and it will create another erase tab.
> UI was tweaked
> Added posterise gallery option
> Update dialog now closes 4 seconds after updating if shown after exit
> Switch image now supports switching bit depths better and also missing images better
> Widgets do not fade out with long brush strokes
> De noiser now much better at estimation amount of time to render
> Tutorials updated to include simpler instructions and lots of animations to show how to do things
> Menu item says close (Back to Tutorials) in the file menu, to make it easier to find tutorials again
> Tutorial text larger
> Which tutorial stage is shown in the tutorial
> Larger flashing fill icons
> More help for compositing tool
> Clicking on an image starts tutorial
> Tutorials don't allow you to select a tool that's not part of the tutorial

Plus many more bug fixes and tweaks.

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