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ChangeList SPE 1.18

Postby admin » Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:38 pm

Happy Christmas everyone! Your Christmas present, version 1.18!

+ When you make an effect in the gallery bigger by clicking on it, the sliders appear in the left most column and all the options for refining your search collapse, giving more screen space to see the picture on narrower screens.
+ You can now drag radial gradients around on the image, instead of having to use the 'radius' sliders.
+ Discuss photo editor now goes directly to forums. User leader board is now a direct link from community menu.
+ The about box now shows if the GPU is being used or not (currently disabled in this version)
+ Master fade slider now shows up once you've confirmed an effect
+ Textures are now bilinearly interpolated when upscaling, so they don't look blocky on large images
+ Widgets in the gallery auto hide after a few seconds, so you can better see the effects
+ Lots of bug fixes on the mac.

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