saving more than one effect

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saving more than one effect

Postby spudmaniac » Wed Apr 26, 2017 1:00 am

Is it possible to choose and save two effects from the short list?

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Re: saving more than one effect

Postby eadams » Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:11 am

The Shortlist functionality (as I understand it) gives you the ability to make note of a number of effects to choose from only for the very next application of an effect. Once you apply any effect to your image (either one of the shortlisted effects or any other effect from the gallery), the Shortlist is wiped.

However, it seems that if you do apply one of the effects from your Shortlist, then all the shortlisted effects will appear in the Recently applied or shortlisted effects list that you can access by clicking on the Favorites Recent Shortlist button on the right-hand side of your screen. From there you can move effects in the list to your Favorites list in the same window.

I personally don't use the shortlist functionality at all because the choice I make seems too permanent to me, and even though I can find the alternative shortlisted choices that I didn't apply to my image in my Recently applied or shortlisted list, just seeing the names of the effects is not very helpful to me.

Instead, if I find an effect I like, I apply it to my image and then click the little eyeball icon on the thumbnail to turn the effect off and then go and apply another effect I like. I end up with several effects to choose from, all in thumbnails at the top of my screen. This method is very flexible because if I apply an additional effect, I can turn any effect on and off by clicking on the eyeballs and see how any or all of the effects look when combined with other effects. Finally, I save the file I worked on as a session, so I can always go back to it to see what effects I experimented with. When working on another image, I might think "I want one of the effects that I used on the blue flower image", so I open the blue flower image session and find all the effects I used. This is easier for me than thinking "I want the effect called Channel mixer b&w with green"

I only use the favorites list for one or two effects that I use all the time that add basic adjustments and that can be applied to all kinds of images. Most of the effects which I think of as being creative effects are very image-specific and not universally applicable.

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