Importing from phone

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Importing from phone

Postby Rdeal » Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:40 pm

If possible, how do I import images from my Samsung Galaxie 8 into Smart Photo Editor



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Re: Importing from phone

Postby admin » Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:27 am

Most google phones are setup with something called Google Photos. If you are logged into google with the same account as your phone, you should be able to go to: and see all the images from your phone. You can download them then load them into Smart Photo Editor. If you are not setup with Google Photos, you could always email yourself a photo to be edited, then download it from your email on your PC.

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Re: Importing from phone

Postby Richard Briggs » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:24 am

Dropbox is free providing you don't exceed 2Gb of data. Create a Dropbox account (free - and load it as an app on your android device. Do same on your PC. When you take a photo on your phone it is automatically uploaded (configurable) to a Camera Uploads folder and the images will magically appear on your PC (in Camera Uploads). Then it's business as normal.


PS And Dropbox is so useful for so many things. Couldn't live without it.

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