Good feature of SPE: hard to destroy original!

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Good feature of SPE: hard to destroy original!

Postby eadams » Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:43 pm

There is one feature of SPE that I already knew about and really like:

When you edit a .JPG, .TIF or .PNG file and save the edited version, the program doesn't overwrite the original file. It creates a new file, adding _pe to the name of the file to let you know that the file was edited in the Smart Photo Editor. So if the original file was called "house.jpg", that file remains untouched and the file edited by SPE is called "house_pe.jpg".

What I didn't know is that SPE even saves the original if you opt to overwrite the original file when saving. I just edited a few unimportant images and chose to overwrite the original files when saving, because I knew I didn't need the originals. To my surprise, SPE not only overwrote the original files with the new edited versions, but it also saved the originals under a different name to make sure I didn't lose them by mistake. It added "_orig" to the file name of the original file.

Although in the case described above I didn't need the originals and will delete them, I think this is a great feature. Many users aren't very experienced when it comes to file-naming and file-storage and they could very possibly lose their originals unintentionally by overwriting them.

In my opinion SPE does a great job protecting the original files from unintended destruction.

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