Picasa problem

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Picasa problem

Postby paddytully12 » Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:40 am

I asked this question to the board 6 months ago.. it is about a hitch/bug/problem and have held off asking again because I felst patronised by the answer and tone I received from staff at pse but IT IS SOO ANNOYING I am asking for help again. Please be kind I am not a whizz kid I am a lawyer I am not that techchnical.. but that does not mean I want patronising from staff here.Please help

I use picasa as my default viewing editing programme Every time I click on a PSE template in the effects gallery it gets saved in picasa ( on my pc and shown in picasa as a file) I have thousands of files clogging my pc.. this has been going on months at staff at pse are aware of this annoyance/deal breaker someone finally help.. and please do not say try adjusting it picasa end of things.. it doesnt work.. even deleting the file the templates were getting saved in did not help. Please help

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Re: Picasa problem

Postby admin » Wed Oct 03, 2012 10:12 am

Hi Paddytully12,

Really sorry you are still having this problem. And sorry we came across as patronising, we really are trying to help you, sometimes we need to ask simple sounding questions to make sure we understand what is going on. Can you tell me the full path of one of the files that is comming up in picasa, i.e. the file name and the location of where it is on your hard disk? You can find the name and folder by right clicking on one of the offending files in picassa and choosing properties. Properties pannel will appear on the right hand side of picasa, and you will need to click on the little chevron button in the top left in order to make the panel big enough to see the full location.


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