The big feature request discussion

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Re: The big feature request discussion

Postby eadams » Tue Jul 21, 2020 7:20 pm

firegalg wrote:When I usually do the masking I create it within the Effect Gallery using the Ok, Mask Area to create the mask. Sometimes it lets me re-use the mask when I click on the Effects Gallery again. However, it must have its limitations since when I do it that way the Effects Gallery will only apply the last type of overlay I was using (e.g. Subtle Light or something like that if it was the last type of overlay I was in since the is what it says at the bottom of the tab). I do seem to get a wide variety of overlays once I get a couple of pages into it for the most part. I have found that after two or three times using the Effects Gallery without re-using the mask I lose the ability to re-apply the mask again and have to start over but that hasn't been consistent yet.

If I understand you correctly, I should make the mask with the Area Treatment and keep it for use. I'll try that next! Thanks!!! Gina

Hi again Gina. You taught me something today! I didn't know that a mask added with the "Ok, Mask Area" button when applying an effect would be able to be re-used. Apparently you don't even have to use that button. It works even if you just add or subtract from the mask. I never noticed that that was possible. Thank you for drawing my attention to that!

I don't understand what you mean by the Effects Gallery only applying the last type of overlay you were using. What tab are you referring to?

I don't seem to be having any limitation problems. I can also apply several other effects without re-using the mask and don't lose the ability to re-apply the mask.

Thanks again for helping me learn something new!


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